Tuesday, May 29, 2001

oh crap nothing's working.
but didn't i just do that?!
Mark's birthday yesterday. He's 21 now... erm, dunno what else to say about that. Hope he had a nice day.
Haha, I posted the last thing I wrote twice.
I've been sunbathing all day and have burnt my legs and my chest, and my tummy and I'm a bit burnt on my back. Oh this must be thrilling for you to read.
As Bender froFuturama says, oh how I love that programme, "see ya jerkass"

Sunday, May 27, 2001

Oh, don't forget, it's MTV UK + Ireland tct week this week. How wicked is that? Use up all da credit on my phone! haha.
(No-one forget my Marky's birthday or I'll come round there and...well you better not forget! lol!)
Oh, don't forget, it's MTV UK + Ireland tct week this week. How wicked is that? Use up all da credit on my phone! haha.
(No-one forget my Marky's birthday or I'll come round there and...well you better not forget! lol!)
Boooooooooooo! (Or as Mr Usher lookalike says: "booooooooooom"!)
how you all doing?
im fiiiiiiiiiiiine!
but i'm typing all wierd. i mean i keep repeating letters in my words. for eeeeeeeeeefect or sumin! haha.
mwah mwah to mark + all da mark fans...well no snogs from me to da mark fans, but like, u know, i mean well!
have a grrrrrrrreat half term everyone! (even though im on study leave so i have like 2 months "half term" kinda thing.)
seeeeeeeee ya (wouldnt wanna be ya!)

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Woah, my last post here was crazy! I don't actually remember writing that! lol!
Hey Rose: mmp!!! lol. I am t.h.i.c.k!!! (lol...I spelt that wrong the 1st time I typed it out!!!)
Hey Sharon: thnkx for mailing me hun. I'll mail ya 2morrow. You are my saviour!!! Mwah!!!
Everyone else I email (ie: everyone who I know from the internet but not real life): how ya doin? <--Do you like my Irish accent?!?!
Nina: where ru?! Heehee, I haven't got a mail from u in ages. You OK?
German exam tommorow...it would be great if someone could just think of me + wish me good luck (even in their head!!! I need all the luck I can get!!!)
Boooooooooooooooooo! Flight rules! (In the UK, well London anyway, boo means wicked/cool/very good) . But no Flight today! :( I love Flight...you guys better be back on tommorow, I can't survive without ya!
looooooooove ya
*gemma ^.^

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Lalalalala. I love...guess who!
Oh my God some mailing lists are SICK!
Lalalalala...I love singing.
The Christina Aguliara video is NASTY! Her and Mya and Pink and Lil Kim are whores. Actually Lil Kim and Mya look good, the other two...well *cough cough* the less said about them the better. Christina's hair is rank.
Lalalalala...goodbye, goodbye good friends goodbye, now it's kinda to go, the sun the moon and the Big Blue house are...something, something...goodbye! (Well, I certainly know the words to that song! Lol)
Study leave started today. OK, this is me being serious now: hey year 11 @ PM, I am going to miss you ALL soooooooo much. I'll miss some of you more than others (heehee) but I really think you are all so great...thanks for being there for me for the past 5 years I really appreciate it. I don't know what I'm going to do at my new school without all you guys! :( I know that everyone will enjoy the next two years wherever you're all going, everyone who's staying at PM or going to Howard or Charterhouse I'll see you guys when I meet up with Jen and Jen, and I'll see everyone who's going to Charterhouse 'cause that's where I'm going! (Atsuko you can nevr get rid of me hey?!) And anyone going somewhere else...well have a great time, I'm sure I'll see ya @ the Lizzie C reunioun! lol. All of you will do *so* well whatever you choose to do, I just know it! Love ya 4eva. BIJOUX!
OK, that's my serious bit over. Hahaha. I really feel a bit of a deutz being all serious and "love you, miss you" kinda person! I'm never like that normally, I'm all crazy!!! "I wrote Robin snogs? Hell yeah. Two divorces so I'll marry them both! Or...you know...we could just all 3 of us get together at the same time!..." But you see I'm really close to my class because there's only 30 of us in the whole YEAR! (And 14peeps in my class!) I know them all so well and I'm really close to all of them!
Love and Mark + Robin (haha...he's so fit!) snogs
ps: Coops what where you doing with *two* pairs of handcuffs?! You kinky girl you! Lol. Mandy (aka: Mrs Aaron!) I lvoe Nickolaus! Thanks for the pics of him...and telling me about him, I'm off to look at some chinese websites 'bout him now! Heehee. ^.^ <-- I've stolen you're face! Haha!

Sunday, April 29, 2001

Who the hell is "bad ass Dan"?!?!?!? and who's Nick?! Or Dan?! ...My mystery MSN people.
God I'm bored tonight...look I've done like 5 entries on Blogger tonight!!! OK, messages for my mates:
Jenna: txt me. I'm bored
Jennie: get off your lazy ass and do something girl! Nice bonding session yesterday! lol
Attie: ARRRRRRRR! Amrita txt me! What do I do?!?! I dont know what to do without you here!!! Help me! (I hope she didn't get into trouble from me txting her...yes I am I nervous wreak!!! What would I do without you to tell me what to say?!?! lol)
Gap girls: For some reason you really pissed me off on Saturday. Go away. You annoy me.
Robin: You are fit!
Justin: You look like Abs. You annoy me! Haha.
Mum and Dad: the computer's still shaking from it's experience with you!!! Hahahaha, go get intenet lessons or something! (Sorry my tennis is so bad, I didn't mean to hit the window. Repeatedly!)
Marisa: I like it when you're hair is brown.
Ellie: And we didn't even have to pretend to be French on Saturday! lol.
Dane: No, I have a life. That's why I'm never on MSN, not the other way round.
Sarah Chan: "Do you have a club card?" ?!?!?!?! Hahaha. Sorry for taking the mick. You'll do great at your work experience! lol. "That'll be £12 please..." lol.
My German group: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I think we all know NO German!!! Help me for Tuesday! We're gonna faaaail man! Wanna go see Chocolat?!!! lol.
That's it. Messeges over. I'm off to do something more exciting! lol...washing my hair...exciting!!! lol.
Luv ya really Gap girls...*cough cough*yea right*cough cough*
Dont mess with me little "Gap girls"... you know who you are and I'm gonna lock you in a little sound proof-room every Saturday so I don't have to hear you or see you! Hahahaha *evil laugh*.
My computer's dieing. haha. Wanna know what I did today? I tried to teach my 'rents to use the internet! ARRRRRRR! It was hell! EVERY single button they had to press they asked "left or right mouse button" and "one click or two?!" And, I don;t know how they manage to do this, but they CANNOT click the mouse right. They move the mouse when they click so it never works..."Gemma, I clicked the button but nothings happening..." man some people should never be allowed anywhere near computers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Oh my God...I just wrote below "this could be just in Epsom...I don't go much other places." Hahaha...me go to Epsom? Alot?! Yea right. Pikey town. That's real funny...can you just imagine me in Epsom?! Oh that'd be funny...yea I do go there sometimes but me shopping in Epsom?! Haha...yea if I wanna get beat up by some pikey kid for not wearing Addidas + Gap and a jeans jacket! Ignore me, I'm talking crap tonight!
I just went out and brought the new Mya album "Fear Of Flying" it's well good. I'm listening to it right now. Oh my God, you've gotta go to Virgin Megastores real soon everyone 'cause (this could be just in Epsom...I don't go much other places) there's this listening post right but it's not just a few CD's...you type in the artist and you can listen to ANY song in the shop, for real. It's so cool. I stood there like for hours with my friend listening to Eminem and the Backstreet Boys and...you can listen to anything. It's so cool. I feel like buying Destiny's Child first album. Anyone wanna give me money?! Haha. Album's are just a rip off at the moment, 14 quid for one album is not fair. We should all revolt, that'd be cool.
Hmm, I ain't been on MSN for a while...I think I'll log on as soon as I finish typing this. See who's around. Hmmm, nought much else to say today. But I've talked enough haven't I?! My lovely little chat about CDs and Vigin Megastores. STill ain't got any pics for a new layout by the way...haha I'm always saying "yeah...new layout like a few weeks" but I think you'll just have to except that until I get off my lazy ass and start to actually do something about the layout you're getting nadda. Oooh I'm so funny...not!
See yas later (later later later...man I'm in a weird mood tonight!) *mwah mwah mwah*

Thursday, April 05, 2001

Hello...remember me?! It's your loving webmaster girl Gemma! Heehee. At the moment I'm dredging the internet for a picture to use in my new layout, but I'm not really having that much success. Crap. You're gonna have to be stuck with this layout until someone gives me a decent picture. You know what reeeeally annoys me?! Westlife sites that are linked in the Yahoo directory but haven't updated since summer 2000. But I won't start on about that or you'll be here all night listening to me rant.
I'm going to see "Save The Last Dance" tommorow. Should be good.
MSN is fun...you know the person who I said I mad a stressy chat with last time? Well we're still having stressy chats? Oh but I met someone on MSN that I used to be friends with until she moved away. It was so cool we were like "OMG it's you!" She's well sweet. If you have MSN pleeeeeeeease add me. But only if you're nice! Heehee.
Gotta go. Byeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, there's a new survey up by the way...do it now or else Mark gets it! heehee.