Saturday, January 27, 2001

OK, sorry for like 10 posts today (no, actually it's 3 so far Gemma...) but I think the only way to check if I've got the write background is to bloody post something and then check it, cos otherwise nought happens. I'm going out soon so I want to get this sorted before I go out...
Blogger is officially pissing me off. How the hell do I get a nice layout with my own background on?! ARRRGGHH!
Hey, this is my blog thing. This is where I'll just say whatever. I got a blog aaaaaaages ago but never used it, so hopefully I'll use this and y'all can see what I'm up to and whatever. I used to write loads of crap on my udates page but that kinda meant I was writing about thirty lines per update so I cut that out.
Anyway, I went to Hollie's last night and met the totally infamous Yako at last. It's pronounced Ja (like German yes: ya) co. He's cool but I still fail to see why they like him...hmm. And today I went to tennis. I think Louise thinks I'm a bitch; which I'm not. Pity, cos Louise is cool but I can't actually seem to get on with her that well.