Friday, February 02, 2001

Have you ever met someone who is just...hmm, how do I say it...not really there?! I mean this girl I met today was cool, but it was like her mind was somewhere else...but she's not dim or anything, really smart. (What 15 x 6 Jenny? "Easy. 90") Oh, just forget I said anything about it! (Heehee, I could set her up with Mike! The king of not being totally there. I swear he's been drugged up every time I see him! lol)
OMG! I just saw the new Westlife video for UPTOWN GIRL!!! It's soo good! Nicky looks like Nick Carter (which is such a good thing!) and wow...Mark is FIT!!! I swear, everytime I see him he gets fitter!
Bed-time now! Night night everyone!
Oh man...I wrote a lovely long post last night and it didn't get sent. Dammit!
So, I just wanted to say: bear with me if you sent an email to me from about mid-January. I've read them...but I haven't replied or put your stuff on the stie YET! (Tommorow night, if I get back from Gemma MR's early...)
Messages for some peeps: News from the Westside - I'm sorting out your link tommorow! Amber - I'm so sorry I haven't emailed you for ages I'll do it tommorow - is screwed up at the mo! The old westlifesligo site (I think it's Westlife dreams or something now!) - I'll sort out your link too tommorow...or have I done that already?! Anyway, I'm a ditz! And Katy...I'll email you tommorow too! Or I'll talk o ya on ICQ. Whatever I can be bothered to do! : )

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Do I want to go to the Eminem concert? Yes.
Have I got tickets? No.
Am I just a little pissed about it? Yes.
Maaaaaan, I wanna see Eminem so badly...and Outkast cos they're supporting him. (Outkast - Miss Jackson. You know, they rule. Remeber: "forever, for ever ever, for ever ever"?!!! It's pure class.) Oh, and I wanna see Papa Roach.
Buh-ehhh ver.
What am I doing on the internet today? I have history coursework to do!!! Oh and that really smart person who write "you're really snotty" on my guestbook, God just go away. (If if's Camilla...just quit it. But it won't be you Milly will it?) I suppose that's the same person who left a blank message in my g-book today. But Ann left a message in my g-book today/yesterday/sometime (!) woo! I like Ann, it's like Wow, praise! Heehee. I get all hyper when I read a message from her! : )
I am SO pissed cos I *need* the Papa Roach ringtone for my phone (well, I don't need it, I just reeeeeeeally want) but bloody won't give send it. And boltblue, as good as it is, has like zilch selection of ringtone so I can't get it from there. Crap.