Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Oh, I forgot to say: tommorow is Valentine's Day...I'm being mean and bitter and not saying "happy valentine's day" to you because it is SOOOOO depressing not to have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Oh yea, I forgot, I'm going to get a card from my dad..oh that just makes it all better now doesn't it (that was sarcastic.)
Here are the wise words of wisdom BamBam (my fave DJ) said this morning "Everyone else will be doing Valentine's Day tommorow...I'm just going to be doing Wenesday." Yea, go Bam.
Not much to say to you...I'm trying to do a new layout, hopefully by the time you read this it'll be up. Inline frames drive me crazy.
Thrursday I'm going to see a play with the school (Henry VI Part Two...oh joy...), Friday going out, Saturday going out, and Sunday family coming over. So I'll update on Monday or whenever I get the change OK? Oh and I'm getting highlights on Saturday! Yey!
School is pissing me off...do you know I've got my GCSE French Orals NEXT MONTH!!! Oh my God...what am I going to do? NEXT MONTH!!! That's like no time at all!
But I've gotta go now...check ya later.