Thursday, February 22, 2001

Just had a very stressy chat with someone on MSN...and no, I don't wanna talk about it! It was just the most weird thing ever...
Anyway, half term is slowy dissapearing before my very eyes! I only have *counts on fingers*...four days left! : ( oh well.
Ooooh, I know what I wanted to tell you...I played darts on Saturday! Yep, I playyed darts! I hit most of them on the floor...but I played darts none-the-less! Our team lost! But it was fun!
And I'm storry for the lack of updates going on in my site...and I'm sorry that when I do update it's always something crappy! Anyway, I WILL (kicks myself) sort out the pictures soon! SOON! Watch this space! (That means don't ever leave your seat! Sit here, don't go away ever! Eat here, sleep here, don't even go to school! Just sit here and wait for me to update! Lol, not really, you can go now!)