Thursday, April 05, 2001

Hello...remember me?! It's your loving webmaster girl Gemma! Heehee. At the moment I'm dredging the internet for a picture to use in my new layout, but I'm not really having that much success. Crap. You're gonna have to be stuck with this layout until someone gives me a decent picture. You know what reeeeally annoys me?! Westlife sites that are linked in the Yahoo directory but haven't updated since summer 2000. But I won't start on about that or you'll be here all night listening to me rant.
I'm going to see "Save The Last Dance" tommorow. Should be good.
MSN is know the person who I said I mad a stressy chat with last time? Well we're still having stressy chats? Oh but I met someone on MSN that I used to be friends with until she moved away. It was so cool we were like "OMG it's you!" She's well sweet. If you have MSN pleeeeeeeease add me. But only if you're nice! Heehee.
Gotta go. Byeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, there's a new survey up by the it now or else Mark gets it! heehee.