Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Oh my God...I just wrote below "this could be just in Epsom...I don't go much other places." Hahaha...me go to Epsom? Alot?! Yea right. Pikey town. That's real funny...can you just imagine me in Epsom?! Oh that'd be funny...yea I do go there sometimes but me shopping in Epsom?! Haha...yea if I wanna get beat up by some pikey kid for not wearing Addidas + Gap and a jeans jacket! Ignore me, I'm talking crap tonight!
I just went out and brought the new Mya album "Fear Of Flying" it's well good. I'm listening to it right now. Oh my God, you've gotta go to Virgin Megastores real soon everyone 'cause (this could be just in Epsom...I don't go much other places) there's this listening post right but it's not just a few CD's...you type in the artist and you can listen to ANY song in the shop, for real. It's so cool. I stood there like for hours with my friend listening to Eminem and the Backstreet Boys and...you can listen to anything. It's so cool. I feel like buying Destiny's Child first album. Anyone wanna give me money?! Haha. Album's are just a rip off at the moment, 14 quid for one album is not fair. We should all revolt, that'd be cool.
Hmm, I ain't been on MSN for a while...I think I'll log on as soon as I finish typing this. See who's around. Hmmm, nought much else to say today. But I've talked enough haven't I?! My lovely little chat about CDs and Vigin Megastores. STill ain't got any pics for a new layout by the way...haha I'm always saying "yeah...new layout like a few weeks" but I think you'll just have to except that until I get off my lazy ass and start to actually do something about the layout you're getting nadda. Oooh I'm so funny...not!
See yas later (later later later...man I'm in a weird mood tonight!) *mwah mwah mwah*