Sunday, April 29, 2001

Who the hell is "bad ass Dan"?!?!?!? and who's Nick?! Or Dan?! ...My mystery MSN people.
God I'm bored tonight...look I've done like 5 entries on Blogger tonight!!! OK, messages for my mates:
Jenna: txt me. I'm bored
Jennie: get off your lazy ass and do something girl! Nice bonding session yesterday! lol
Attie: ARRRRRRRR! Amrita txt me! What do I do?!?! I dont know what to do without you here!!! Help me! (I hope she didn't get into trouble from me txting her...yes I am I nervous wreak!!! What would I do without you to tell me what to say?!?! lol)
Gap girls: For some reason you really pissed me off on Saturday. Go away. You annoy me.
Robin: You are fit!
Justin: You look like Abs. You annoy me! Haha.
Mum and Dad: the computer's still shaking from it's experience with you!!! Hahahaha, go get intenet lessons or something! (Sorry my tennis is so bad, I didn't mean to hit the window. Repeatedly!)
Marisa: I like it when you're hair is brown.
Ellie: And we didn't even have to pretend to be French on Saturday! lol.
Dane: No, I have a life. That's why I'm never on MSN, not the other way round.
Sarah Chan: "Do you have a club card?" ?!?!?!?! Hahaha. Sorry for taking the mick. You'll do great at your work experience! lol. "That'll be £12 please..." lol.
My German group: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I think we all know NO German!!! Help me for Tuesday! We're gonna faaaail man! Wanna go see Chocolat?!!! lol.
That's it. Messeges over. I'm off to do something more exciting! lol...washing my hair...exciting!!! lol.
Luv ya really Gap girls...*cough cough*yea right*cough cough*
Dont mess with me little "Gap girls"... you know who you are and I'm gonna lock you in a little sound proof-room every Saturday so I don't have to hear you or see you! Hahahaha *evil laugh*.
My computer's dieing. haha. Wanna know what I did today? I tried to teach my 'rents to use the internet! ARRRRRRR! It was hell! EVERY single button they had to press they asked "left or right mouse button" and "one click or two?!" And, I don;t know how they manage to do this, but they CANNOT click the mouse right. They move the mouse when they click so it never works..."Gemma, I clicked the button but nothings happening..." man some people should never be allowed anywhere near computers!