Thursday, May 24, 2001

Woah, my last post here was crazy! I don't actually remember writing that! lol!
Hey Rose: mmp!!! lol. I am t.h.i.c.k!!! (lol...I spelt that wrong the 1st time I typed it out!!!)
Hey Sharon: thnkx for mailing me hun. I'll mail ya 2morrow. You are my saviour!!! Mwah!!!
Everyone else I email (ie: everyone who I know from the internet but not real life): how ya doin? <--Do you like my Irish accent?!?!
Nina: where ru?! Heehee, I haven't got a mail from u in ages. You OK?
German exam would be great if someone could just think of me + wish me good luck (even in their head!!! I need all the luck I can get!!!)
Boooooooooooooooooo! Flight rules! (In the UK, well London anyway, boo means wicked/cool/very good) . But no Flight today! :( I love guys better be back on tommorow, I can't survive without ya!
looooooooove ya
*gemma ^.^